How to Choose the Best Mattress for Your Teen

The stresses of being a teen can be overwhelming, but a good night’s sleep should not factor into this challenge.

Despite strenuous schoolwork and extracurricular obligations, as well as hormonal changes and peer stress, it is important for teens to get at least 8-10 hours of sleep each night.

Often times, our youth have a difficult time falling asleep and staying asleep due to many factors, which include comfort, environment noise and temperature, lighting, use of electronics, as well as personal sleep patterns.

While adjustments to a teen’s room or routines (e.g., no television or cell phone before bedtime) make it possible to improve sleep habits, a lack of proper sleep support can undermine a teen’s sleep cycle.

A simple mattress upgrade can drastically improve your teen’s sleep patterns and subsequently impact other aspects of their daily life, improving their energy levels and overall temperament.

When shopping for your teen’s new bed, consider the following important factors:

  • Size: While twin beds are common for younger children, larger beds allow for future growth and tend to be preferred by teens. While shopping, consider your child’s preference and bedroom space to find the best fit. As an added bonus, these beds often become guest beds when children leave home.
  • Firmness: It is incredibly beneficial for adolescents to have a supportive mattress so that their spine and back are properly supported while they are growing. The mattress should be comfortable for your teen, with firm support, yet enough padding to relieve pressure. To help your child choose the best mattress, test each bed with them at the store to determine the best fit for their needs.
  • Other needs: If your child has allergies or asthma, you may opt for a synthetic-filled mattress to resist dust mites and allergens. When shopping for a bed, look for mattresses that also have microbial or hypoallergenic fill and covers to help reduce these potential problems.

From Crib to Bed: A Guide for Buying your Child’s First Mattress

From story time to pillow fights, your child’s progression to their first bed is an investment in their future and an important milestone in their life.

However, shopping for your little one’s new bed can be a daunting task with many key considerations to keep in mind to ensure a healthy and supportive foundation for years to come.

To help you find the best mattress for your children, we’ve created a guide outlining the important factors to consider during this exciting transition.

When to buy:

Each child is unique in their readiness to transition to a new bed. Since timing is an essential component for your child’s transition to a bed, being attentive to their growth is crucial.

One of the clear signs that your child is ready for the transition is when they discover their ability to climb out of their crib, a scary moment for both children and parents. To avoid injuries from falling out of their crib, the transition should occur before your little one is able to leave bed on their own.

To gauge the best time to purchase your child’s bed, it is also important to pay attention to their verbal and non-verbal signs at bedtime and in the morning for clues as to whether or not they are ready to make the transition. For example, if your child mentions back pain or consistently does not seem to be getting enough sleep, it might be time to transition to a larger bed.

Why it’s important:

As your child grows, their mattress should support their development. While children’s bones mature, it is important to choose a sleep surface that will provide the necessary support to avoid spinal problems later in life.

Additionally, this transition provides an opportunity to invest in a bed that your child can use for years to come. Full and Queen-size mattresses are popular choices for parents, as they provide more room and comfort for family activities like story time.

What to consider:

  • Size: The mattress size you choose will mainly be about your personal preference. While a twin mattress is common for younger children, larger beds will allow for future growth and tend to be preferred by older children.
  • Firmness: The ideal mattress for a child will provide the proper support while cushioning developing bodies. Regardless of the bed type or size, children need firm support to ensure their spine and bones develop properly and stay in alignment.
  • Breathing Sensitivities: If your child has allergies or asthma, you may opt for a synthetic-filled mattress to resist dust mites and allergens. When shopping for a bed, look for mattresses that also have microbial or hypoallergenic fill and covers to help reduce these potential problems.

Better Sleep Month is here!

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Better Sleep Month

We currently live in a time where you earn bragging rights for being able to function like an energizer bunny with only 4 hours of sleep a night.  But, the reality is quite the opposite.  The Better Sleep Council conducted a survey in February and they’ve exposed American’s dirty little secret.

What is it? Would you believe us if we told you that nearly 8 in 10 Americans admit that getting one extra hour of sleep would make them feel better and more prepared for the day? The findings of this survey might shock you, but it’s not too late to #getontop of the sleep deprivation epidemic and get the sleep you secretly know you need.  We’ve pulled some of the most interesting findings for you to check out here.

To read more results of the study, visit Spill the beans! Let us know which of these sleep stealing secrets you’re guilty of!

This Mother’s Day Celebrate Mom!

30736_104896869557966_6041655_nMother’s Day is around the corner which means it’s time to celebrate moms everywhere! One of my favorite things to hear from others are their favorite mom-isms.   I think all moms can remember a time when we would tell ourselves that we would never become our mothers.

Twenty something years later, we find ourselves uttering the same sayings that our mothers would say.  You know – the ones that would drive you crazy?  My mother would say things that didn’t even make sense to me like, “Make sure you always have on clean underwear in case you get into an accident” or “Don’t make me wash your mouth out with soap!” 

If I ever got into an accident, the last thing I would be thinking about is if I had clean underwear on and these days, a lot of soaps are made to actually taste like fruits so it wouldn’t be that bad, right? 

Reflecting on some of the things I endured growing up with my mother almost seems as if Diary of a Wimpy Kid was based on my teenage years.

Perhaps the best story I have about my mom is something I can laugh about now, but at the time it wasn’t funny.  Like most teenage girls, I had a habit of just throwing clothes on my bedroom floor – clean or dirty.  I had a system and it drove my mother crazy.  One day she was so fed up she decided to do something about it. 

I came home from school and went up to my room.  Everything was gone.  All of my clothes and anything else that was on my floor was gone.  My mom was standing in the doorway and said, “If you treat your things like garbage, I’ll just keep throwing them out.”  

I thought to myself that she wouldn’t have thrown out all of my stuff.  That’s ridiculous! She probably had them in garbage bags hiding somewhere just to teach me a lesson.  Turns out, I was wrong.  She did throw out all of my stuff – out of my bedroom window onto the front lawn. 

I spent the next two hours picking everything up off the yard and even had to fish stuff out of the trees with a fishing pole.  Needless to say, I never put another piece of clothing on my bedroom floor ever again! 

Even though our moms embarrass us, drive us crazy, make us mad or say the wrong things at the wrong time, it’s what we love most about them.  We might not admit it, but they are.  The random things we endure because of our mothers make the best stories.  In fact, when my 8 year old daughter throws her clothes on the bedroom floor, I remind her of what my mom did and she runs straight to her room and picks everything up. 

S, thank you, mom! Without going through some of the craziest moments of my life with you, I wouldn’t be the most awesome mom in the world (according to my daughter).  What are your favorite mom-isms?  Share them with us and then check out our Facebook page for our celebrate mom contest! 

Mattress Firm Putting Hunger to Bed

FarmShare_MattressFirmflyer2It’s normal for most of us to go to bed each night with a full belly. In fact, most of us go about our day without thinking twice about if we’re going to eat today, but more about what we’re going to eat today.  What if that inner question became,”Am I going to eat today?”

Mattress Firm employees in Miami, Florida have decided to help more people ask themselves what are they going to eat today instead of if they are going to eat today.

According to, 1 in 6 people living in the US are hungry. The current national average for hungry households is 14.7% and several states are above that average.  The truth is, the face of hunger isn’t what you think. 

Did you know…

  • 36% of households served by the Feeding America network had one or more adults working
  • 39% of adults served by Feeding America network have completed high school or equivalent degree
  • Female headed households are twice as likely to be among the working poor as male-headed households
  • 34% of households served by Feeding America network have been faced with the choice of paying for food or medicine/medical care
  • 65% of working families that received SNAP were single-parent families.
  • Only 10% of households served by Feeding America network were homeless
  • 23% of adults interviews during a Hunger Study have attended college or technical school 

Mattress Firm employees in Miami, Florida will collect food in their stores to help provide meals to the 384,390 hungry people in their community.  For the months of May and June, these stores are offering 20% of the purchase of an accessory when you donate canned goods.  Mattress Firm aims to help Farm Share provide food to the more than one-million low-income households across Florida.  This is more than 23.4 million pounds of food.   

Want to help end hunger?  Visit for local food banks in your area and to learn more about how hunger affects your community.  To learn more about Farm Share, please visit

Mattress recycling has a big impact


Dream Green Mattress Recycling

Dream Green Mattress Recycling

When we hear about recycling, the first things we tend to think of are paper, plastic and glass.  As many businesses become more eco-friendly, it can be hard to keep track of what you can and can’t recycle.  Many consumers don’t know that mattresses can be recycled.  In fact, one company in Texas recycled over 60,000 mattresses and box springs last year.

Sleep Inc, is a family-owned bedding company that has taken the steps to approach an industry-wide problem.  Each year over 30 million beds go into landfills.  If you were to lay these mattresses head to head, they would be over 4,000 miles long.  To put that into perspective, it’s only 2,790 miles from Los Angeles to New York. 

The Dream Green initiative is the only true end-of-life mattress recycling program in the bedding industry.  This program not only addresses environmental issues but also an all too common bedding industry issue – how to get old, unhealthy mattresses out of the marketplace.  

 Where does it go?

  • Padding and foam are bailed and sold to be used in carpet pads and bike, car and motorcycled seats.
  • Wood is bailed and sold to companies that press and sell it as compressed wood, wood pellets, etc.
  • Wire and metal springs are bailed and sold to make benches, metal posts, light poles, etc.

The biggest misconception about mattress recycling is that it literally means taking an old mattress and making it new again.  What many don’t know about mattress recycling is that none of the materials are reused for bedding purposes.  Sleep Inc. takes mattresses and foundations and breaks them down to their core components.  These are then ground or shredded and repurposed for many other industries.

Mattress Firm, the largest specialty bedding retailer in the country, has partnered with Sleep, Inc. in their Dream Green program.  Currently, all Mattress Firm locations in the state of Texas participate in the recycling program.   

“We recognize that effective recycling programs for the bedding industry are very important,” says Steve Stagner, president and chief executive officer of Mattress Firm.  “As we continue to grow, we want to ensure that our environmental footprint does not grow and this is why we are proud of our partnership with Sleep Inc.’s Dream Green program.” 

The recycling program is actually very easy to execute.  Mattresses and foundations are picked up and transported to the recycling facility where Sleep Inc. takes care of the rest.  So what do you get from recycling 60,000 mattresses?  Over 8 million pounds of raw material including metal, plastic, foam, mattress scraps, cardboard, cotton and wood chips. 

Dream Green’s program is just the beginning to an eco-friendly approach within the bedding industry.  In June, Connecticut passed the nation’s first extended producer responsibility (ERP) mattress recycling law.  This will require that the mattress industry assembles a council to organize and manage a mattress recycling program.   

Helping to keep used mattresses out of the marketplace and landfills is a priority for the bedding industry.  The International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) even played a role in formulating the bill.   

“This legislation serves as a model for solving the problem of mattress disposal without negatively impacting our industry,” Ryan Trainer, ISPA President, said in a press release. 

ISPA is working on legislation in other states to help establish mattress recycling standards and keep mattresses out of the landfills. 

For more information on Sleep Inc. and their Dream Green program, please visit   Check out our version of ‘Dirty Jobs’ on our YouTube channel by clicking here.

Get Up and Do Something

Steve in purple strideMany might think that Mattress Firm is only in the business of selling beds.  Truth be told, it’s much more than that.  Every day, our employees help improve the lives of those around them.  Whether it’s helping a guest pick out the right bed to alleviate chronic back pain or collecting canned goods for a local food drive, Mattress Firm is so much more than a mattress company.

In 2011, we announced our national charitable focus of fighting pancreatic cancer and took steps to help every market make a difference in their local community.  At the time, we had no idea how close to home our efforts would hit.

Very few know about pancreatic cancer primarily because nobody talks about it.  It’s very similar to what breast cancer was in the 70′s.  All people knew was that if you got it, you could pretty much count on dying.  The same goes for pancreatic cancer today.  It’s the fourth leading cause of cancer-related death and it’s expected to jump to number two by 2015.  One reason why the survival rate is only 6% is due to the lack of an early detection method.  Another reason is the lack of funding for research and clinical trials.  In fact, 75% of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer are already in the advanced stages which leaves minimal treatment options.

Throughout 2011 and 2012, we continued to educate our employees, guests and communities about pancreatic cancer and successfully raised over $500k.  In 2013, pancreatic cancer came to Mattress Firm.  One of our own at the young age of 30, was diagnosed with a form of pancreatic cancer.  Suddenly, it became real.  Pancreatic cancer was standing right in front of us, talking to us, sharing with us, working with us and impacting us. The fact that this could happen to one of our own and at such a young age opened our eyes to what we needed to do.

It’s easy to turn away when something doesn’t affect you directly.  We all think that it will never happen to us.  Truth be told, unless we take action, the chances of it happening to us or someone close to us keeps increasing.  Our employees recognize the dire need for awareness and funding for clinical trials and research.  Every day they seek out ways to educate one more person, raise one more dollar and give one more ounce of hope.  We’d like to share a story about one of our employees that knows all too well the impact cancer has.

Meet Kyle Eades. He is a store manager in Houston, TX. Though he is fairly new to the Mattress Firm family, it’s not stopping him from getting involved in activities near and dear to his heart. Eades joined others from Mattress Firm and signed up for the PurpleStride Houston 2014 walk to raise money and awareness for pancreatic cancer.  The event is put on by the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and takes place in cities all over the country throughout the year.
Eades began his fund raising campaign by sending out emails to as many Mattress Firm employees as he could asking for support. He set a personal goal to raise $1000 and because of those who helped, Eades now has raised the most money in Houston.
Why does this matter to Eades? In 2012, he lost his wife Amy at age 29 to stage 4 colo-rectal cancer. “We had so much support during her fight that I feel it is only right to Pay It Forward,” said Eades.
The effects of cancer on Eades’ life continued. In May 2013, his long-time friend and now girlfriend, Candace, lost her dad to pancreatic cancer.
Eades said, “Cancer, and any form of it, definitely hits very close to home with me for numerous reasons. I believe those who have fought and won, those who are fighting, and those who have lost their battle to cancer deserve all our support. This is why I choose to do this.”
 PurpleStride events are growing and expanding to new cities, but will this ever become an event similar to the Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure events?  That’s up to you.  The more awareness we create, the more money we can raise.  With funding, clinical trials and research can lead to an accurate and cost-effective early detection method, new treatment options, increased survival rate and most of all hope.

We encourage and invite you to join us at a PurpleStride event near you.  Visit the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network website for a listing of events and to register.  We’d love to have you on our team!  Simply select join a team and see if Mattress Firm is listed.

Feeling lazy or not compelled to do something? Well, you really don’t have an excuse.  In fact, about 6 months after our fellow employee had the whipple procedure to treat his pancreatic cancer, he walked in the Kansas City PurpleStride.  If he can get up and walk for a cause, why are you still sitting down?

We Love to Give Big


April is actually National Volunteer Month with the week of April 6-12 as the official National Volunteer Week.  Companies all over are encouraging employees to engage with their local communities in numerous projects.  One thing that we can say is every week is volunteer week at Mattress Firm!

In 2013, we gave over 6200 hours of our personal time to local communities.  For 2014, our goal is 10,000 hours.  We’d love to share this local giving story from our Cincinnati market.

When the Miami Township Fire and EMS department started looking into replacing their 15 year old beds, they quickly realized that the estimated replacement cost would be close to $25,000. Luckily, their story made it into the right hands and before the Fire Department knew it, Mattress Firm had stepped up to donate beds that would replace the bedding at the Township’s three fire stations.

When the delivery truck arrived last month, District Manager Ralph Soegaard, Operations Manager Alan Klavon, Nicholle Martin and numerous other Mattress Firm employees quickly began unloading boxes of new merchandise. The fire department employees were shocked at what they saw. In total, Mattress Firm delivered twenty Tempur-Pedic sets along with bed frames and mattress pads.

Why losing sleep freaks me out

melatonin_sleep_better_1_xlargeEvery day I get to educate people on the importance of sleep.  It affects all aspects of your emotional, physical and mental well-being.  Studies have shown that if you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll most likely crave some oh-so-good but not-so-good for you carbs, your mood will be a little more touchy, your skin looks drab and overall your brain just doesn’t work right.

If you’re anything like me, being in a fog does not help my mom brain remember where I put my keys at all!  Even though I know all of the various ways sleep can affect a person, it never fails to shock me when it’s actually put into a visual format.  While surfing through Huffington Post, I came across this article that has a pretty powerful infographic.

I think my Monday night ‘Bates Motel’ watching ritual can take a backseat to dark undereye circles and losing brain tissue!  Click here to check out the article and infographic.

What fact do you find most shocking?

What you need to sleep happy.