Better Sleep Council Reveals Epidemic for Better Sleep Month


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May is officially Better Sleep Month and the Better Sleep Council has revealed an epidemic that is wide-spread: Zombieitis.  Read more below from the Better Sleep Council.

Around the corner, infiltrating our neighborhoods, there is a zombie epidemic plaguing our society. Your coworkers, friends, family…no one is safe. Zombies are everywhere, and can be anyone. You might even be one right now and not even know it. That’s what is so troubling about this epidemic. It is silent and serious.

We’re not talking about the “undead” zombie, which some believe in and others vow to combat. Those involve graveyards and brains, and desperate escape plans. What’s happening now isn’t the zombie apocalypse… this is an epidemic.

The type of zombie we’re dealing with is far more prevalent in our society.

These zombies are human beings suffering from Zombieitis.

Zombieitis is infecting the general public at warp speed! Since anyone is susceptible, we are on high alert. Policemen are seeing increasing signs of Zombieitis in drivers. Hospitals around the nation are reporting increases in cases reporting Zombieitis-related symptoms. Teachers note their students becoming zombies in the classroom. Everyone from celebrities to children have the potential to develop Zombieitis.

Are you at risk of becoming a zombie? Zombieitis can be caused by a variety of factors, from excessive stress to poor sleeping habits. We’re here to tell you if you may have fallen victim to this illness.

Symptoms of Zombieitis include:

• Decreased brain function

• Irritability

• Depression

• High blood pressure

• Anxiety

• Sudden weight gain

• Apathy

• Listlessness

• Gets sick easily

• Headaches

• Rashes

• Pale complexion

• Dark undereye circles

• Unkempt appearance

• Mumbling

• Drooling

• Shuffling gait

In addition, those with Zombieitis may not be able to sleep for weeks at a time. To make a long story short, Zombieitis makes you miserable, worsens your appearance and keeps people from wanting to be around you.

Do you or someone you love suffer from any or all of these symptoms?

Zombieitis is a serious affliction that demands international attention, and it’s up to you to help spread the word. Unless we start fighting back, we’ll all be zombies before we know it. If that happens, the world will be a grouchy, gloomy place.

What can you do to help stop Zombieitis?

A cure is on the horizon for those suffering from Zombieitis. It has been discovered that the cure for Zombieitis is repeatedly having a good night’s sleep on a quality mattress. Receiving the necessary amount of sleep is vital to maintaining energy, mood and productivity at the highest possible levels. If the world is not made aware of Zombieitis’ cure, we are in danger of becoming a world of “the unslept,” rather than “the undead.” And “the unslept” are way grouchier.

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  1. It has now been several weeks since we recieved our Matresses at the fire house. I must say. I have slept much better than in the past. I can not thank you all enough for your generousity. Chicago

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