Cat Naps Can Win You A New Bed


Did you remember to spring forward?  If you did, you may be feeling the effects of daylight saving time today.  Who knew losing only one hour of sleep could really throw everything off balance?  One Boston University professor, William Anthony and his wife Camille, founded National Napping Day in 1999.  Always celebrated on the Monday following the changing of the clocks, National Napping Day is a day set aside to promote health and the benefits of napping which is much needed after Daylight Saving Time.

This year, Mattress Firm is celebrating this genius holiday with a chance for you to win some great stuff that might just take the edge off of that missing hour of sleep.  Starting today, visit the Mattress Firm Facebook page and check out the Catnap Chronicles.  We want you to share your details about your ideal nap.  Tell us your favorite nap spot, nap position, length of nap or anything else that give you the best napping experience. 

Enter the sweepstakes from March 12 through March 30 and you’ll be registered for a chance to win the ultimate sleep experience!  Grand prize is a new mattress set from Mattress Firm and bedding protection products from our sweepstakes partner, Protect-A-Bed.  Three runner-up prizes will include bedding protection products from Protect –A-Bed.

If daylight saving time has really thrown you off track, join us at our Twitter party about all things napping from 9-10pm EST tonight only!  Ever wanted to know what that reoccurring dream really means?  You’ll have the chance to ask dream expert, Lauri Loewenberg, plus get sleep tips from Mattress Firm and Protect-A-Bed.  Use #NappingDay to join in the tweet fun!

2 thoughts on “Cat Naps Can Win You A New Bed”

  1. My napping has taken many forms and places – the floor, feet up on the desk, head down on the desk, lectures, concerts, airplanes, beds, sofas, church…you get the drift. But, since childhood, I have been intrigued by the thought of napping on a new mattress in a store.

    So, when may I do that?

    Most sincerely and comfortably…. Bobbie

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